Blackjack has taken to sleeping in the sink. Which is a major inconvenience when I need to wash my hands. 



Night Vision of Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne seen from the International Space Station at night reveals its young history. Unlike the winding streets in older European cities, Melbourne’s streetlights follow a more planned grid system. Established in 1835 around the natural bay of Port Phillip Melbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria in Australia.

that looks wicked

Kristen Stewart | Interview Magazine

me: instantly jumps to worst possible conclusion


These are my favourite Hel-Looks


somebody: *supports woody allen*

me: so long farewell auf wiedersehen good bye 


At home in Brooklyn. 

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  • japan ≠ korea ≠ china
  • pakistan is not in the middle east
  • most muslims aren’t arabs
  • geishas are not prostitutes
  • mexico is a very small part of latin america
  • there are 54 countries in africa
  • china has 56 different ethnic groups and none of them eat chop suey
  • singapore is not part of china
  • most singaporeans speak english as their first language, please don’t ask, “why is your English so good”

Grimes - Heartbeats

Grimes X HAIM


q:-/ (me being dubious with a snapback on)


cute couple looks compilation !!